Rescue the stunning belles by playing MONOPOLY!? That’s an absolutely amazing and exciting thing! Go after the belles, get the bless of Goddness and fortuna and fight with the beast in the Neverland. Is that real!? Wanna have a fantasy adventure? Here is your chance. Your journey begins with our game!

Download for iOS [1], or Android [2]. You'll notice the game has 2 different names.

Game featuresEdit

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Charming Belles

There are over 100 belles in the game to play and flirt with you. After developed, it will become more and more tempting.

Creative Plays

Beauty or the beast? Similar Monopoly plays will lead you through various plots and make your journey full of adventure.

Original Cartoon

1080P Full HD, gorgeous battlefield and vivid Cartoon! All these will give you a wonderful visual feast. It is time to say goodbye to the old-fashion style.

Original Storyline

Four comics, the most interesting and Vivid Cartoon of all! The exclusive four comic storyline will bestow a different experience and infinite fun upon your fantasy journey.

Develop System

The developing system can give you different ways to learn more about your belles and conquer them. You can do whatever you want to your girls.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us in chasing dream girls and become the master in the world of belles! Facebook:

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